Friday, July 2, 2010

Energize, Endure, Restore…Yes Please!!

Have you ever read a company mission statement or “tag line” and thought…”that just fits me”?   As I sat down to write this review for Xood Endurance Drink that is the first thing that crossed my mind.  As runners, we constantly seek these three simple things…energy, endurance and restoration.  Throw in a couple kids, bills, work, and life and you will find me on my hands and knees whimpering for these things!!

So while a mission statement is fine and dandy, the real question is how a product performs.  So after a couple months of trying out all three of their product lines David and I are proud to share that Xood lives up to their mission.

One of the first things we noticed while trying Xood was the distinctly different consistency and taste compared to other products we have used in the past.  One reason for this is that unlike the Gatorade and PowerAde products of the world, Xood is made from all natural ingredients.   While this means it doesn’t have the same sugary “juice” type taste you get from others, it does have a light taste that seems to grow on you over time. 

As for performance, we both really noticed a difference in our ability to hydrate as well as refuel after workouts.  I was particularly impressed with Xood as the weather got warmer and the workouts grew more difficult. 

All in all, this really is a great product line.  The taste and consistency was something that at first we both were not accustomed to, but by the end of our trial we really liked.  This IS NOT your run of the mill Gatorade type product that basically is the equivalent of a juicy juice with more carbs.  Instead, if you are looking for an endurance drink that fits a healthy lifestyle, then this is for you.  


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